Alan McWilliam will be our guest speaker for the Salt and Light North East Sphere Celebration!
Alan is passionate about Christ, passionate about the church and passionate about those who have not heard the good news of Jesus. Alan has a strong desire to see the Church in Scotland rising up to express in every way the love of God. He believes that the Lord is preparing the hearts and minds of many within the Church to break out of the current moribund patterns of Church life and instead create new patterns of Church which will be effective in communicating the gospel to the people of Scotland.

Alan is the primary leader within the leadership of Whiteinch with overall responsibility for vision, strategy and teaching. He is the Chairperson of Clan Gathering (New Wine Scotland); Director of Forge Scotland; Chairperson of Whiteinch Community Association; and is on the Board of Whiteinch Centre Limited, the Light Project (Chester) and Solid Grounds (Dunfermline).

He is married to Diane and has two boys, David and Steven. He is an ordained minister within the Church of Scotland and a fervant Rangers FC supporter.

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