Truth That Demolishes Strongholds by Tony Goodman – Designed for use with the “Freedom in Christ” discipleship course by Dr Neil Anderson & Steve Goss. – ‘Your decision to follow Christ, and to receive him into your heart by faith, was the defining moment of your life and led to a complete transformation in who you are. Your identity has changed for ever. You have passed from death to life. You were a sinner but now you are a saint. You were under condemnation but now you are forgiven. You were under the law but now you are under grace. You used to break God’s commandments when you sinned but now you break his heart. You were motivated by fear but now you are energized by God’s grace and unconditional love. What we believe determines how we feel. If I believe negative things about myself. I will feel bad about myself. This leads to depression and bondage. Jesus said: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” To bring about an accurate mind-set, I need to find out exactly what is true about myself and God, according to the Bible. I must then choose to believe it and to put it into practice. Good feelings will follow as I prove God’s faithfulness for myself. If what I believe does not reflect truth, then what I feel will not reflect reality.’

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