We’re delighted that you dropped by. If you’d like to visit our main building in Hexham have a look at our location here.

Questions You May Have

What time does the service start?

Our Sunday morning meetings commence at 10.30 am, please allow sufficient time to park if you are coming by car.  The entrance we use on Sundays is at the top end of Beaumont Street, next to the Rising Café.  The Church is accessible via either the internal stairs or the lift which takes you straight into the main auditorium. Following the service, we serve coffee downstairs in the lower hall.  Arrangements vary when we are holding Messy Church.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

No! If you have a Bible then you may find it useful to bring, but if you don’t have one then we have some you can borrow. If you’re more of a digital person then you can access the Bible from your phone or tablet too.

Will people talk to me?

HCC is a church of almost 100 people. We have a team of welcomers to help you to get to grips with the layout of the building and what happens when and where, and offer advice where needed. As well as that we delight in hearing people say time and time again what a welcoming family and friendly church HCC is and we trust that many people will say “Hi” as friendships grow.

Do I have to sing the worship songs?

We have a modern style of worship with a live band and a range of worship songs and style. Generally people stand to worship, some lift their hands, some clap along… but equally others may sit and contemplate, others may pray. Our aim is that you encounter God in whatever way helps you to do that.

What kind of people attend?

We have people aged from 0 through to their 90’s, from affluent backgrounds to those with very little. We have people with qualifications and those with none, we have single people, married people, widowed and divorced people coming along. We have people who were brought up going to church and people who have never been to a church before. We have people from several nations form across the globe. What we are not is ‘perfect’ but we are loving, open to everyone, genuine and a family. Come and be a part of that family!

How long is the talk?

We have some interesting speakers, sometimes from visiting churches, with engaging, real, biblical and accessible topics. Generally a talk lasts from 30-45 minutes and the talks are also available to listen to on this site.

Do you have WiFi?

We do! It is free and accessible throughout most of the church. Ask one of our welcome team for the password anytime – they will be wearing a lanyard.

Do you have decaffeinated coffee?

Our coffee is lovely (it has been said many times) but if you prefer decaf then we can provide that on request. There is also juice and water available.

Where can I park?

Parking can often be a challenge in Hexham, especially on a Sunday on Beaumont Street.  While parking is free on a Sunday on Beaumont Street, there may be limited spaces available. Please note that you may need to allow extra time to find parking.

The Wentworth car park is free on Sundays – no more than a 10-minute walk up to the church.

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